Special Events

Virtual Sunday Zoom services start at 1:30 PM

The following events are sponsored by the London Spiritualist Church.

Event Details
10 Minute Mini Readings
Date: Sunday May 30th 2021

Location: ZOOM

Start Time: 2:45 pm
Cost: 10 minute mini reading for $10. Payment must be made 24 hours in advance via e-transfer.

Please send an email to along with your name, email address and phone number for confirmation.
Thank you!

Description: We will be resuming our traditional 10 minute mini readings after the conclusion of our Sunday Service. Each participant along with their Medium will be placed in a separate and private breakout room. Please join our gifted Mediums and help support our church by signing up for this event.
Monday Evening Meditation and Spiritualist Discussion
Virtual via Zoom
Dates: Each Monday Evening, from March 1st, 2021 - Ongoing

Time: 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Price: Free
Location: Zoom

Join us each week for a new and exciting opportunity to discover more about Spiritualism along with a lively discussion. The topic each week will change, so will the presenter. Be prepared for a brief meditation as a intro to the evening.

See our Facebook Events page for details on the zoom URL or by sending an email to
We will then send you the zoom link.

Presented by: London Spiritualist Church
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Awaken to Spirit 2021
Date: Saturday June 26th, 2021

Time: 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Price: $50

Zoom URL will be sent to you two days prior to workshop

We are delighted to be co-hosting a fundraising event with the
Spiritualist Society of Burlington.

The day's activities will include a tutorial, morning and afternoon workshops and a demonstration of mediumship.

For an outline of the workshops, go to Workshop Info

Contact the LSC at or the SSB at for further details.

The following events are not directly affiliated with the London Spiritualist Church, but may be of interest to our members.

Spiritualist Church of Canada

Click here for workshops and activities being offered by the Spiritualist Church of Canada and its affiliated churches.

Dates, Times and Pricing: Various. Please visit the SCC for more event information.

Presented by: The Spiritualist Church of Canada

Trinity United Church

Dates: Various
Location: Trinity United Church

Trinity upholds the value of the "Golden Rule" Church and hosts many activities of interest to their and our own congregations.

For further information and confirmation of the many events please check with Trinity's website. Click here for details.

Presented by: Trinity United Church

First Spiritualist Church of Galt
Various Workshops and Events

The Galt Spiritualist Church offers a variety of workshops and events throughout the year.

Dates and Pricing: Please see The First Spiritualist Church of Galt for more information on development workshops they are offering.

Presented by: First Spiritualist Church of Galt

Spiritualist Society of Burlington
Various Workshops and Events

The SSB offers a variety of workshops and events throughout the year.

Please see Spiritualist Society of Burlington for more information on development workshops they are offering.

Presented by: Spiritualist Society of Burlington

Click here for instuctions on how to e-transfer a donation.

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