The following are the current Roles and Responsibilities for each of the positions on our committee.

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The Committee is currently composed of the following positions:

PresidentRev. Doug Eyre
1st Vice PresidentPenni Stoddart
2nd Vice PresidentConnie Shirreffs
TreasurerRev. Brenda Philp
Recording SecretaryKaren Vlasic
Booking SecretaryRev. Debra Falco
Public Relations and Media CoordinatorElaine Shannon
Head StewardKaron Belton
Past PresidentRev. Sandra Baker

To contact us:

General Inquiries:
Treasurer Inquiries:
E-Transfer of Donations or Payments:
***If your bank needs a security question always use LSC or LSC123

Our address is London Spiritualist Church,
c/o Trinity Community Center,
76 Doulton St.
London, ON
N5W 2P7

***Please be sure to include your telephone number, including area code, in any email correspondence.***

Via telephone you can contact the President, Rev. Doug Eyre @ (519) 872-0729,
First Vice-President, Penni Stoddart @ (519) 859-3319,
Second Vice-President, Connie Shirreffs at (226) 237-3732
and they will return your call.

Click here for instuctions on how to e-transfer a donation.

London Spiritualist Church
76 Doulton Street
London, ON


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